ХХII International Meeting Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory

PIRT- 2021

05-09 July 2021


Monday,5th July 2021

Gravitation, cosmology and large-scale structure


9.00-9.20 Opening the PIRT Meeting
Chair: Pustovoit Vladislav
9.20-9.40 Starobinsky A. Evolution of the mixed R^2-Higgs model during and after inflation
9.40-10.00 Mishra Bivudutta Little rip cosmology in extended gravity
10.00-10.20 Beesham A. Reconstruction of some cosmological models from the deceleration parameter
10.20-10.40 Chervon S., Fomin I. Chiral cosmological models of f(R, (𝛁R)𝟐, □R) gravity
10.40-11.00 Chakraborty Saikat, MacDevette Kelly, Dunsby Peter A form-invariant approach to dynamical systems analysis in f(R) cosmology
11.00-11.20 Coffee Break  
Chair: Chervon Sergey
11.20-11.40 Agrawal A., Mishra B., Tripathy S. Matter bounce scenario in an extended gravity
11.40-12.00 Behera D. Anisotropic Cosmological Models in f(R,T) theory
12.00-12.20 Berezin V., Dokuchaev V., Eroshenko Y., Smirnov A. Cosmological solutions in Weyl geometry
12.20-12.40 Fomin I., Chervon S. Relic gravitational waves in cosmological models based on the modified gravity theories
12.40-13.20 Lunch  
Chair: Fomin Igor
13.20-13.40 Alexeyev S., Krichevskiy D. Study of gravity models with nonlinear symmetry realization
13.40-14.00 Koshelev N. Extended f (R) theories with kinetic curvature scalar in the weak field regime
14.00-14.20 Il’ichov L., Rostom A., Shepelin A., Tomilin V. Multiworld Motives by Closed Timelike Curves
14.20-14.40 Chaadaev A.,Chervon S. Exact spherically symmetric solutions in f (R, □R) gravity
14.40-15.00 Vertogradov V. Forces in Schwarzschild, Vaidya and generalized Vaidya spacetimes
15.00-15.20 Coffee Break  
Chair: Rowlands Peter
15.20-15.40 Emtsova E., Krssak M., Petrov A., Toporensky A. On the Schwarzschild Solution in Teleparallel Equivalent of General Relativity
15.40-16.00 Tripathy S. Unified Dark Fluid Models in Brans-Dicke Theory
16.00-16.20 Garat A. A new symmetry for the imperfect fluid in relativistic astrophysics
16.20-16.40 Romero C. The invariant Weyl theory of gravity
16.40-17.00 Sahoo Pradyumn Kumar Wormhole geometry    in a modified symmetric teleparallel gravity
17.00-17.20 Ibeh G., Akpojotor G. Current Status of the Newtonian, Inflationary and Cyclic Models of the Early Universe


Tuesday, 6th July 2021

Gravitation, cosmology and large-scale structure


Chair: Izmailov George
9.00-9.20 Sharif M. Noether Symmetry Technique in Modified Gravity
9.20-9.40 Lohakare S., Mishra B. Dynamical behaviour of accelerating cosmological model F (R,G) gravity
9.40-10.00 Pati L., Mishra B. Dynamics of f(Q,T) gravity with variable deceleration parameter
10.00-10.20 Kadam S., Mishra B. Late time cosmic acceleration model in F(T,B) gravity
10.20-10.40 Zubair M. Evolution of Tsallis holographic dark energy in minimally coupled gravity
10.40-11.00 Zhuravlev V., Chervon S. Method of multiscale expansions in problems of cosmological inflation
11.00-11.20 Coffee Break  
Chair: Meierovich Boris
11.20-11.40 Bolshakova K., Chervon S. Effective one field model of TMS gravity with the Higgs potential
11.40-12.00 Frolov B., Babourova O. Decrease of the effective cosmological constant in the Poincaré-gauge theory of gravity with a scalar field
12.00-12.20 Ivanova I. Null shells and double layers in Quadratic Gravity
12.20-12.40 Izmailov G. An uniform model for Dark Matter and Dark Energy
12.40-13.20 Lunch  
Chair: Burinskii Alexander
13.20-13.40 Pokrovsky Y. F(R,G) Gravity with Maximal Noether Symmetry
13.40-14.00 Eroshenko Y. Primordial black holes in the early universe
14.00-14.20 Dorofeev V. Gravity on a nonassociative algebra
14.20-14.40 Ray Pratik Premadarshi Stability analysis of two-fluid dark energy models
14.40-15.00 Bulyzhenkov I. Why did Russian cosmists rethink Newtonian gravity through the kinetic monism of continuous space-matter?
15.00-15.20 Coffee Break  
Chair: Trell Erik
15.20-15.40 Zhuravlev V. The principle of materiality of space and the theory of fundamental fields 
15.40-16.00 Chernitskii A. Gravitation in theory of space-time film
16.00-16.20 Fisenko S. Analogy of star formation with the formation of plasma of multicharged ions in pulsed high current discharges
Poster Papers


Brandyshev P.


Inflation in string-inspired supergravity with gauge shift symmetry
Khamis Hassan M., Volkova O., Kamalov T.


Phenomenon of dark matter as result of non-calculation additional derivatives




Poster Papers


Okunev V.


An Elementary Analysis of the Simplest Relations of Relativity Theory
Okunev V.,Kruglov A Expansion of the Concept of the Term «Physical Vacuum»
Pankaj S. Cosmology phenomeon
Simran K. Matter Creation Cosmology


Wednesday, 7th July 2021

Gravitational waves and experimental tests of the relativity theory


Chair: Kauts Vladimir
9.00-9.20 Milyukov V. The space-borne gravitational wave detector TianQin: Current progress on science and technology
9.20-9.40 Kauffman L. Non-Commutative Worlds and Relativity
9.40-10.00 Levin S. Cosmological distance scale: discordances and rank inversion
10.00-10.20 Vargashkin Vladimir Statistical analysis of random error of satellite measurements of anisotropy of CMB temperature in temporally and frequency areas
10.20-10.40 Izmailov G., Ozolin V. Precision clock network as a gravitational space-based antennas
10.40-11.00 Mayburov S. Search for periodic variations of nucleus decay parameters
11.00-11.20 Coffee Break  
Chair: Vargashkin Vladimir
11.20-11.40 Pinto I. Estimating the chirp-mass and eccentricity of coalescing binary systems from time-frequency analysis of their gravitational wave emission
11.40-12.00 Pinto I. Fully optimized ternary coatings for next generation interferometric cryogenic detectors of gravitational waves    
12.00-12.20 García-Farieta J. Probing gravity with redshift-space distortions: effects of tracer bias and sample selection
12.20-12.40 Lebed A. Breakdown of the Equivalence Principle for a composite quantum body
12.40-13.20 Lunch  
Chair: Pinto Innocenzo
13.20-13.40 Litvinov D, Pilipenko S. Testing the Einstein equivalence principle with two Earth-orbiting clocks
13.40-14.00 Dubey R. Hubble Tension in the perspective of Gravitational Waves Standard Siren
14.00-14.20 Avramenko A. Pulsar: physical generalization of galactic time-space
14.20-14.40 Babourova O., Frolov B., Khetseva M., Kushnir D. The structure of the curvature tensor of plane gravitational waves
14.40-15.00 Antonuyk P. A new approach to the derivation of the law of universal gravitation from Kepler’s laws
15.00-15.20 Coffee Break  
Chair: Siparov Sergey
15.20-15.40 Thong L.






A study of space-time variation of the gravitational constant using high-resolution quasar spectra
15.40-16.00 Pustovoit V., Gladyshev V., Kauts V., Morozov A., Nikolaev P., Fomin I., Sharandin E., Kayutenko A. High frequency gravitational waves: generation, detection
16.00-16.20 Makarov A., Luneva L. The problem of the existence of gravitational waves in classical physics
16.20-16.40 Gladyshev V., Sharandin E., Skrabatun A. Generation of the third optical harmonic in air under femtosecond infrared repetitively pulsed excitation
16.40-17.00 Olkhov O. Theory of relativity and geometrisation of quantum mechanics
17.00-17.20 Krysanov V. Noise Factor and Reception Bandwidth in Optoacoustical GW Antenna
Poster Papers Rudenko V., Krichevskiy D., Manucharyan G., Andrusenko S. Euro-Asian gravitational network: criteria of quality


Belonenko A. Testing the principle of equivalence at a very large distance from the Earth according to the data of the Radioastron space experiment
Giri P. Locking of marginally stable cavities with TCS optics
Greco F., Krasnyy I. The novel pushing gravity model and volcanic activity. Is alignment of planets with compact stars a possible cause of natural phenomena?
Kopylov S. The hypothesis of evaporation of black holes in multidimensional spaces
Yurasov N. About spin of a massive particle in the Standard Model


Thursday, 8th July 2021

Relativistic electrodynamics

Modern problems of classical and quantum field theory

High energy astrophysics


Chair: Izmailov George
9.00-9.20 Pavlov Y., Grib A. Some properties of nonsynchronous reference frames in cosmology
9.20-9.40 Meierovich B. Gravitational Radius in view of Existence and Uniqueness Theorem
9.40-10.00 Dokuchaev V., Nazarova N. Imaging of black holes
10.00-10.20 Fil’chenkov M., Laptev Y. Vacuum Polarization and Particle Creation for Two-Horizon Metrics
10.20-10.40 Zaslavskii O., Toporensky A. Flow and peculiar velocities in the background of spherically symmetric black holes
10.40-11.00 Zloshchastiev K. Superfluids in astrophysics and all that jazz
11.00-11.20 Coffee Break  
Chair: Pinto Innocenzo
11.20-11.40 Rowlands P. An Approach towards Grand Unification
11.40-12.00 Siparov S. Completely geometrical theory
12.00-12.20 Petrov A. The field-theoretical methods in Lovelock gravity
12.20-12.40 Shishanin A. Examples of Calabi-Yau Threefolds with small Hodge numbers
12.40-13.20 Lunch  
Chair: Fomin Igor
13.20-13.40 Petrova L. The connection of the field theory equations with the equations of mathematical physics. The nature and origins of dark matter and dark energy
13.40-14.00 Trell E. From Photon to Oganesson: Lie Algebra Realization of the Standard Model Extending over the Periodic Table
14.00-14.20 Timofeev V. On the force caused by a null Einstein-Maxwell field with the plane symmetry
14.20-14.40 Gutierrez-Pineres A. Newman-Janis Ansatz for rotating wormholes
14.40-15.00 Burinskii A. The Dirac electron consistent with proper gravitational and electromagnetic field of the Kerr-Newman solution
15.00-15.20 Coffee Break  
Chair: Rowlands Peter
15.20-15.40 Kamalov T. What are Non-local Variables?
15.40-16.00 Karimov R., Izmailov R., Nandi K., Ivanova A. Shapiro delay in Kerr-Sen black hole
16.00-16.20 Monakhov V., Kozhedub A. Spinor vacuum and C, P, T inversions
16.20-16.40 Yusupova R., Izmailov R. Properties of thin accretion disks in the space-time of a non-singular charged black hole
16.40-17.00 Akpojotor G., Ibeh G. Can the Higgs radiation as the fundamental energy source be the path to a theory of everything?
17.00-17.20 Li B., Zhang H., Shum P. The Underlying Mechanisms of Time Dilation Effect in Curved Space-Time
Poster Papers Poplawski N. Universe in a black hole with spin and torsion
17.20-17.40 Close of Moscow PIRT Meeting