The PIRT Conference is an event held in September since 1988 at Imperial College in London and since 2003 at Bauman University in Moscow.

Year Imperial College,
London, UK
Bauman University,
Moscow, Russia
1988 PIRT I
1990 PIRT II
1994 PIRT IV
1996, Sept. 6-9 PIRT V
1998, Sept. 11-14 PIRT VI
2000, Sept. 15-18 PIRT VII
2002, Sept. 6-9 PIRT VIII
2003, 30.06-03.07 PIRT-2003 (XI)
2004, Sept. 3-6 PIRT IX
2005, July 4-7 PIRT-2005 (XII)
2006, Sept. 8-11 PIRT X
2007, July 5-7 PIRT-2007 (XIII)
2008, Sept.12-15 PIRT XIV
2009, July 6-9 PIRT-2009 (XV)
2010, Sept. 10-13 PIRT XVI
2011, July 4-7 PIRT-2011 (XVII)
2013, July 1-4 PIRT-2013 (XVIII)
2015, 29.06-02.07 PIRT-2015 (XIX)
2017, July 3-6 PIRT-2017 (XX)
2019, July 1-5 PIRT-2019 (XXI)
2021, July 5-8 PIRT-2021 (XXII)

Initially, the conference aimed to allow free communication for foreign scientists with scientists from the former Soviet Union. It was planned to hold a conference in Kazan University (Russia), where one of the founders of non-Euclidean geometry N.I. Lobachevsky used to work.

In 1988 the first PIRT conference was organized at Imperial College (London), where it is held every two years. The conference is notable for the freedom of scientific views, large reports (up to 40 min), Proceedings published, and the participation of Russian scientists.

In 2003 the first PIRT conference was held at BMSTU in Moscow. The event was a success, and it was decided to hold a conference in Moscow every two years. The PIRT Conference was also held in Calcutta (India) and Budapest (Hungary).

The PIRT Conference features talks on the multi-dimensional theory of gravity, gravitational-wave experiments, dark matter, cosmic microwave background, space anisotropy search, tests of the theory of relativity, and electrodynamics.