Department of Physics of Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU) has worked since 1832 when Physical Study to demonstrate physical phenomena during lectures for students was created at the Craft Institution of Moscow Training House.

On the first June in 1968, the Craft Institution was reformed into Emperor Moscow Technical Specialized School and the Physical Study got a new official status as Department of General and Applied Physics. Professor A.S.Vladimirskii, who had graduated from Moscow University, headed the Department.

The brightest historical moments of the Department were linked with the names of professor V.S.Shchegolyaev (the head of the Department from 1886 till 1912) and academician P.P.Lazarev (the head of the Department from 1912 till 1925).

At different times a number of remarkable scientists have worked at the Department: academician, president of USSR Science Academy S.I.Vavilov, corresponding-members of USSR Science Academy K.A.Krug and A.S.Predvoditelev, professors A.B.Mlodzievskii, A.K.Trapeznikov, A.V.Shpol’skii, N.E.Uspenskii, V.D.Zernov, K.A.Putilov.

At present the staff of the Department of Physics consists of 14 professors, 47 readers, 8 senior teachers, and 7 professors, 15 readers, 7 senior teachers occupy private positions.

The main scientific directions of the Department of Physics are

  • Electro-hydrodynamics (Prof. I.N. Aliev)
  • Nonreversible process research in natural media. Theory of precise measurements. (Prof. A.N. Morozov,
  • Electrodynamics of moving media; experimental tests of the relativity theory and electrodynamics (Prof. V.O. Gladyshev,
  • Applied electrodynamics and radio-physics (Prof. O.S. Litvinov)
  • Theory of strength and destruction for solid bodies (Prof. V.N. Bovenko, (
  • Physical processes modeling in continuous media (Prof., Ph.D., the Winner of the State Prize of the USSR A.M. Makarov)
  • Physics of high-temperature processes (Prof. V.V. Gorev,
  • Methods of Computational Physics (Prof. M.F. Ivanov,
  • Solid State Physics (Prof. B.E. Vintaykin)
  • Laser Physics (Prof. N.F. Bunkin,
  • Semiconductor microwave technology (Prof. S.P. Babenko,
  • Electrodynamics of inhomogeneous media (Prof. S.M. Korotaev,
  • Terahertz technology, spectroscopy (Prof. S.O. Yurchenko,
  • High energy astrophysics (Prof. V.L.Kauts,
  • Early Universe models and an exact solutions of the Einstein equations (Prof. I.V. Fomin,

There is a laboratory for student researching at the Department of Physics.

Since 2001 the Department of Physics trains on the courses of bachelor and master degrees in Engineering Physics.

More detailed information can be obtained from the Head of BMSTU Department of Physics — A.N.Morozov (


Prof. A.N. Morozov — Corresponding Member RAS, head of the department, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences